“Poetry And Herbs” So, you’re all probably used to me posting my own shxt on this blog right? Well things done changed because I’m not the only nxgga in the camp yah’ zeet? The guy on these tracks is someone that really helped to boost my confidence when it comes to rapping and freestyling, if […]

“I’m Gonna Touch The Skies One Day, Live On The Moon, And Hang With The Stars” So before I kick off this quick informative blog, I’m just wondering who has seen my most recent music video “Nostalgia“? If you haven’t check it out yo, it’s semi wavey my g. But anyway’s enough of them talks […]

“Things ain’t the same I think shxt changed” So this right here is one of my favourite and most worked on songs that I have done. “We can hide out in the snowstorm, get, get, get away from the normal” The inspiration for the song came from a series of dysfunctional relationships with females. The […]

So this is a cypher which I did with two of my friends, AGE and Idris, hope you enjoy. “Nostalgia” music video out soon! – Junior Caesar –

“I heard that dreams are illegal in the ghetto” Where do I begin? Do I start by telling you what inspired me to write the song, or do I tell you about all the things that must have happened in my past for me to write this song. This is the tricky part…. Hmmm….. I […]

Dreams “I heard dreams are illegal in the ghetto” :- Twin Poets So I’m sure everybody reading this has a dream of some sort, whether it be small or very big we all have dreams and we all have places we want to be in the next five, ten, fifteen years. Sometimes when we dream I […]

So I’m pretty sure all hip-hop lovers have heard “New Slaves” by Kanye West off his new album, “Yeezus”. Well I was on the internet and I came across the image above, when I saw it, it became the most powerful image I have ever seen, it’s a picture that says more than a thousand […]

Soul Child [Music] I’ve been writing my own music for the last 4 years now, and when I first started I wasn’t that good, nobody is the best when the first start anything. I really knew that music is something that I wanted to do therefore I asked my mum for some money so that […]